next level hip hop 2020

just for street dancers.


registration now open!



•   Independent entries are permitted.
•   Entry fees are non-refundable and do not include GST.
•   Entries will not be processed until full payment is received.
•   Duo and trio dancers must have a change of partners to compete twice in the same category.
•   Solo, duos and trios are all eligible for high score awards without having to be in a group.
•   Re-dances are permitted in Level 1 and Level 2 categories only. Re-dances are permitted in all categories due to technical problems or anything not of the dancer’s fault.
•   Categories may be combined or separated based on entries received and at the discretion of event management.
•   Choreography, props and music selections must be appropriate for family viewing. 



•   Entry deadline is December 15th, 2019
•   Independent entries are permitted.
•   Entry fees are non-refundable.
•   We reserve the right to refuse entries.
•   Studios must pay by business cheque, money order or email transfer. Personal cheques will not be accepted - strictly enforced.
•   Entries are not confirmed and will not be processed until full payment is received.
•   Entries will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. We welcome all early submissions.
•   Entry fees do not include GST.
•   Choreography, props and music selections must be appropriate for family viewing.
•   Schedule sent to email provided on registration account at least 4 weeks prior to event. Please ensure email provided is correct.
•   Dancer information (hours of training per week) can only be entered once. If a correction is needed, please contact us. Thank you in advance for ensuring all entries are accurate.  Inaccurate entries may be subject to penalties.



SOLO  •  1 Performer
DUO/TRIO  •  2-3 Performers 
CREW  •  4+ Performers


  • Hip Hop
  • Popping/Locking
  • Breaking
  • All Styles
  • Commercial Hip Hop

•   Entries in each category must be at least 75% of the style chosen.

•   Entries must be registered in their appropriate category.
•   Choreography may contain props, touching, lip syncing, acro/gymnastics moves and floor work in all categories.
•   Soloists may enter themselves only once per category.  A second solo in the same category will be for adjudication only and must be specified at time of registration.  Duo and trio dancers must have a change of partners to compete twice in the same category.
•   Categories may be combined or separated based on entries received and at the discretion of event management.










Hip Hop •  Choreographed groove style routines that consist of specific hip hop steps and fundamentals. Examples - The Wop, The Prep, Cabbage Patch, Criss Cross, BK Bounce, Harlem Shake, The Smurf etc. Typically performed to but not limited to hip hop music. Other styles may be included in this category such as Krump and House.


Popping/Locking •  Choreographed routines of sharp, isolated movements that consist of specific popping and locking steps and fundamentals. Typically performed to but not limited to funk music. Other styles may be included in this category such as Waacking.


Breaking   Choreographed routines made up of breaking moves and fundamentals that require balance and strength. Footwork, spins, flips, freezes etc. Typically performed to but not limited to breakbeat music.


All Styles   An even amount of 3+ street styles incorporated into the routine.

Commercial Hip Hop   A more contemporary style of choreographed dance highly influenced by hip hop as well as other genres. May not consist of actual hip hop steps and fundamentals even though it shows the musicality and feel of the style.

CATEGORy descriptions.



Average hours of street dance training per week should include all forms of street dance classes, technique, choreography, crew, solo etc. 

Non-competitive and competitive classes are to be included.

Registration system will calculate the average of all dancers.

** NEW LEVELS IN 2020 **

Level 1 •  0 - 1hrs of instruction per week

Level 2 •  1.25 - 2.5hrs of instruction per week

Level 3 •  2.75 - 4hrs of instruction per week

Level 4 •  4.25+ hrs of instruction per week


•   Extra scheduled classes should be included in the overall hours by averaging across all weeks.
•   Any routine with a teacher and/or choreographer (
19yrs+ and teach dance instruction min. 1hr/wk) performing will be entered in Level 4.
•   Dancers 19yrs+ can enter into the levels they belong, based on their hours per week.

•   Please ensure to enter dancers' maximum hours danced per week and not their current hours per week if they have recently decreased.

•   If a dancer was previously in Level 4 because they do 10hrs/week and they went down in hours/week, they need to stay in Level 4 (cannot move backwards) -cannot enter a lower # of hours than the previous year 

•   No age minimums. 



•   The system will calculate division using dancer’s age as of DECEMBER 31, 2019.
•   Duos, trios, and groups - the system will add and average the age of all the dancers (looking at the first decimal, if applicable) to round to the nearest whole number (12.4 = 12/ 12.5 = 13).
•   Age Divisions may be combined or separated based on entries received and at the discretion of event management.



•   Three qualified, experienced adjudicators specializing in street dance.
•   Final marks are the average of the adjudicators’ individual scores.
•   Each routine will receive typed comment sheets from the adjudicators with their scores. Adjudication sheets are provided electronically to studio owners at the end of each level via Dropbox.
•   Awards will be upload to the website if there is internet available at the venue. If not, the results will be upload within a couple days.
•   1st, 2nd, 3rd and Performance placements are given in each category.
•   Everyone who competes at Next Level receives a medal.
•   Awards Sessions to be held at least 3 times per day.

HIGH SCORE AWARDS   •  High Score Awards will be presented at the completion of each level. Trophies and cash awarded.
TOP TEN AWARDS   •  Top Tens are announced (in order of score) once 10 numbers in the high score category have performed. Updates are announced throughout the event. Final Top 10s are announced at the end of each level and receive a certificate for their studio.
CHOREOGRAPHY AWARDS   •  One per award session from the adjudicators to recognize outstanding choreography. All winners are entered into a draw to win cash prizes at the end of the event.
SPIRIT AWARDS   •  Three routines are chosen by the adjudicators at each award session that show amazing energy, excitement and enthusiasm for dance. All Spirit Award winners are entered into a draw to win a $200 Pizza Party for their studio.
JUDGE'S PICK AWARDS   •  One performer per session is chosen by the adjudicators to give more recognition to more dancers. Performer is selected based on something special seen in them – such as “sharing your passion”, “amazing facial expressions”, “fantastic unique style” and more. Dancers receive a special Judge’s Pick t-shirt and a certificate signed by the judges!

•   The Final Throwdown is held at the end of the event featuring the highest scoring numbers of the competition to compete for more awards!
•   Level 1/2 and Level 3/4 have their own sections in The Final Throwdown with their own sets of awards and trophies placing 1st - 4th.
•   The top 2 winners of The Final Throwdown Level 3/4 section, are then invited to perform at the
Provincial Honours Performance in May at the Hard Rock Casino Theatre in Coquitlam, BC.





•   Teachers or a studio representative are responsible for playing music on equipment provided by the competition.  Unless music has been previously uploaded at registration through DanceComp Genie.
•   Music can be uploaded/changed until 24 hours before performing.

•   Music MUST be appropriate for family viewing.
•   Please be sure to carry backup copies of all music.
•   CD and iPod connection will be available.

•   Any questions or concerns, please find the backstage manager or event staff.


SOLOS, DUOS, TRIOS  •   3 minutes            CREWS  •   5 minutes 

•   Dancers are timed from the first note of the music until the last dancer exits the stage.
•   All dances are timed by a Next Level timer.
•   Overtime entries may be subject to penalties and will not be eligible for High Score awards.
•   Please ensure prop set-up and take-down is prompt.




•   Admission for audience is $3. Programs are free.
•   Dancers are FREE for the entire event.
•   At the request of event choreographers there is absolutely NO camera or video equipment of any kind used in the theatre. No exceptions to this rule.
•   Professional photographers and/or videographers will be at the event if possible.
•   Doors to the theatre will open 30 minutes prior to the start of each day.
•   Doors to the change rooms and lobby will open one hour prior to the start of each day.




•   A green room with coffee and light meals will be provided to all registered teachers and studio directors.
•   Please sign in at the front desk upon arrival at the event. If your name is not found on the list please find your studio director.
•   Admission and program complimentary for all registered teachers and studio directors.
•   Teachers are responsible for playing their own music on equipment provided by the competition.  Both CD and iPod connections available. Please be sure to carry backup copies of all music.
•   Event directors are always on site to answer your questions.
•   Adjudication sheet are provided to studios only after each high score award session via shared Dropbox folders. Studio directors may authorize (in writing only) more representatives to receive adjudication sheets.