Next Level Hip Hop Competition is based out of beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. We are committed to providing an ideal format for street dancers with appropriate venues and a qualified judging panel.

Performing should give each dancer a higher level of self-esteem, achievement and accomplishment. We feel that all dancers deserve recognition and acknowledgement, whether they take one hour of classes per week or fifteen.


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  REGISTRATION DEADLINE - January 15th, 2019

  Independent entries are permitted.
  Entry fees are non-refundable and do not include GST.
  Entries will not be processed until full payment is received.
  Entries will be accepted on event day if schedule permits.
  Solos, duos and trios are now eligible for high score awards without having to perform with a group.
  Categories may be combined or separated based on entries received and at the discretion of event management.
  Re-dances are permitted in Level 1 and Level 2 categories only. Re-dances are permitted in all categories due to technical problems or anything not of the dancer’s fault.
  Choreography, props and music selections must be appropriate for family viewing.
  Admission is free for audience.
  Venue provides lots of free parking. Enter through Gate 8. 


  Independent entries are permitted.
  Entry fees are non-refundable and do not include GST.
  Entries are not confirmed and will not be processed until full payment is received.
  Entries are accepted on a first come, first served basis. 
  Thank you in advance for ensuring entries are accurate. Inaccurate entries maybe subject to penalties.
  Entries will be accepted after deadline and also on event day only if the schedule permits.
   Choreography, props and music selections must be appropriate for family viewing.
  We reserve the right to refuse entries.





•   HIP HOP  
•   ALL STYLES (An even amount of 3+ styles of dance incorporated into the routine).  

Please note:
Entries in each category must be at least 75% of the style chosen.
•  Event management reserves the right to combine or separate categories based on entries received.
•  Soloists may enter two solos in one style but second solo will be for adjudication only.  Solo must be specified at time of registration.



Include hip hop/street dance hours ONLY. Use average of all dancers. 0.5 is rounded to the higher level.


LEVEL 1    0-2 years of training completed. (Sept 2016 or later).
LEVEL 2    3-4 years of training completed.  (Sept 2015 or 2014).
LEVEL 3    5 or more years of training completed. (Sept 2013 or earlier).


LEVEL 4      Street Dance is your main focus and you've got what it takes!

More info:
•  Any number with a teacher and/or choreographer performing must enter.Intensive category.
•  Any crews with 2 or more dancers age 19+ must enter the Intensive category.


•  Divisions are calculated using dancer’s age as of DECEMBER 31, 2018.  
•  Registration system will add and average age all the dancers. (0.5 is rounded to higher age).
•   Age Divisions may be combined or separated at discretion of event management based on entries received.
•  Any number with 2 or more dancers age 19+ must enter the Intensive category.


•  Three industry professional adjudicators.
•  Final marks are the average of the adjudicators' individual scores.
•  1st, 2nd, 3rd and Performance placements are awarded in each category.
•  Each routine will receive typed comment sheets from the adjudicators with their scores. Adjudication sheets are provided electronically to studio owners at the end of each level via Dropbox.
•  Everyone who competes at Next Level receives a medal.
•  Award sessions will be held approximately three times per day.

High Score Awards  •  Presented at the completion of each level. Trophies and cash awarded.

Top Tens   •  Announced (in order of score) once 10 numbers in the high score category have performed. Updates are announced throughout the event.  Final Top 10s are announced at the end of each level and receive a certificate for their studio.

Choreography Awards   •  One per award session from the adjudicators to recognize outstanding choreography. All winners are entered into a draw to win cash prizes at the end of the event.

Spirit Awards   •  Three dancers are chosen by the adjudicators at each award session that show amazing energy, excitement and enthusiasm for dance. All Spirit Award winners are entered into a draw to win a $200 Pizza Party for their studio.

Judge's Pick Awards   •   One performer per session is chosen by the adjudicators to give more recognition to more dancers. Performer is selected based on something special seen in them – such as “sharing your passion”, “amazing facial expressions”, “fantastic unique style” and more. Dancers receive a special Judge’s Pick t-shirt and a certificate signed by the judges!

•  Top three highest scoring performances in each level category will advance to the Next Level Final Throwdown held at the end of the event.
•  Level 1 & 2 have their own section in the Final Throwdown with their own awards and trophies placing 1st - 4th!
•  Top 2 winners of the Level 3 & 4 section will be invited to perform at the Provincial Honours Performance in May at the Hard Rock Casino Theatre in Coquitlam, BC.




SOLO/DUO/TRIO  •    3 minutes          CREW  •   5 minutes

•  Dancers are timed from the first note of the music until the last dancer exits.
•  All dances are timed by a Next Level timer.
•  Overtime entries may be subject to penalties and will not be eligible for High Score awards.
•  CD and Ipod connection available.  Professional DJ on site.
•  Music to be played by teacher or crew rep on the system provided.
 •  Please be sure to carry backup copies of all music.
•  Music MUST be appropriate for family viewing.


•  Admission free for audience.
•  Registered choreographers and studio directors please register each day.
•  Doors to the dance floor will open 30 minutes prior to the start of day.
•  Doors to the change rooms and lobby will open one hour prior to the start.
•  Awards will be posted on our website if wireless internet is available.


•  All teachers and choreographers please register prior to the event.
•  Please sign in at the front desk upon arrival at the event. If your name is not found on the list please find your studio director backstage.
•  Admission and program is complimentary for all registered choreographers and studio directors.
•  Teachers are responsible for playing their own music on equipment provided by the competition - both CD and iPod connections available.
•  Adjudication sheets are provided to studios only after each high score award session via shared Dropbox folders (with exception of the performers advancing to the Peak Challenge). Studio directors may authorize (in writing only) more representatives to receive adjudication sheets.







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